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Salute to Veterans

Salute to Veterans

SmartBox To Donate Portion of Proceeds to Disabled American Veterans

In between Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, it can be easy to overlook Veterans Day. Observed annually on November 11, Veterans Day commemorates the ceasefire on November 11, 1918 that ended World War I. When first celebrated in 1919, the day was used for parades, public meetings and a brief pause of business at 11AM. Veterans Day has evolved over the years to become a tribute to all veterans of the American armed forces, not just those who served admirably in the “War to End All Wars”. 

Interestingly, the federal government passed the Uniform Holiday Bill in 1968, which moved the Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Columbus Day and Washington’s Birthday holidays to Mondays in order to create three-day weekends that would encourage recreation and commercial activity. Many states disagreed with this and, believing Veterans Day to be a solemn day with great historical and patriotic significance, continued to celebrate on November 11th. President Ford officially returned Veterans Day to the anniversary of the end of World War I in 1975.

In honor of Veterans Day, all throughout the month of November, SmartBox will be donating a portion of proceeds with promo code VET10 at checkout to Disabled American Veterans, a charity that helps over 1,000,000 veterans every year. In addition, all purchases made with promo code VET10 will receive 10% off of their order. You can learn more about Disabled American Veterans and other charitable organizations that support veterans across the country below.

Disabled American Veterans

Disabled American Veterans Charity

Image from Disabled American Veterans (DAV)

Disabled American Veterans (DAV) is a non-profit charity originally founded in 1920. Since then, DAV has made a difference in disabled veterans’ lives across the country by assisting with benefits claims, providing transportation to medical appointments, and connecting veterans to meaningful employment.

DAV’s goal is to help veterans achieve the American Dream that they made possible through their sacrifices. Almost 1,300 chapters nationwide and over 1,000,000 members have been helping DAV fulfill its promise to America’s veterans for over 100 years. 

K9s for Warriors

K9s for Warriors

Image from K9's for Warriors

K9s for Warriors is the largest provider of service dogs at absolutely no cost to disabled American veterans. The goal of this organization is to empower wounded Warriors to return to life with dignity and independence. The service dog training program is tailored to veterans, focusing on mitigating symptoms associated with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and Military Sexual Trauma (MST).

Above all else, the end goal of K9s for Warriors is preventing veteran suicide. They achieve this by treating every Warrior as family and providing them with the resources to live a fulfilling life whether that is equipment, training, home-cooked meal, or unconditional love and listening.

Pat Tillman Foundation

The Pat Tillman Foundation was founded following Corporal Tillman’s death in the mountains of Afghanistan in 2004. Tillman originally became an icon of American ideals when he left his football career as a safety for the Arizona Cardinals to join the army following 9/11. The titular foundation was created by Tillman’s family and friends to carry his incredible legacy, which was unfortunately cut short. 

One way the foundation continues Tillman’s legacy is through the Tillman Scholars. The scholars are an unparalleled group of people united by military service and academic passions. The Pat Tillman Foundation offers events, leadership development, volunteer and professional opportunities, scholarships and more to their scholars.

Gary Sinise Foundation

You might be familiar with Gary Sinise as a talented Emmy- and Tony-award winning American actor. But, the undeniably greatest contribution to our country by the man who brought Lieutenant Dan to life in Forrest Gump is the Gary Sinise Foundation, a philanthropic endeavor working to ensure the sacrifices of America’s defenders and their families are never forgotten. 

The foundation runs numerous programs focused on relief, resiliency, community, and education to help veterans and their families. Just one of these programs is the “Snowball Express”. Each December, the Gary Sinise Foundation hosts a five-day experience for 1,750+ children of fallen warriors and their surviving parent or guardian. Families can lean on their peers for support at these retreats with a blend of inspiration and fun—the 2021 retreat will be held at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

National World War II Museum

World War 2 Museum

Image from National World War II Museum.

Veterans Day was originally proclaimed in honor of the veterans of World War I, but, unfortunately, there have been more wars and millions more veterans since 1918. One way to support their memory that you might not have considered is by donating time or money to the National World War II Museum. Designated by Congress and located in New Orleans, LA, this museum tells the story of the American experience in WW2—why it was fought, how it was won, and what it means today—so all generations will understand the price of freedom.

There are so many deserving charities that support veterans and their families that it would be impossible to list them all. If you’re looking for more ways to help, we encourage you to find what charity you connect the most with; it is by no means a complete list, but you can find a good place to start here.

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Skip a trip to the grocery store and support veterans all at once! Through the end of November you can save 10% off of your order in our online store with promo code VET10. A portion of all proceeds from these sales will be donated to Disabled American Veterans.

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