Healthy Choices

SmartBox is a premier healthy snack services company that uses advanced technology to provide unique service solutions. Start your day with our fair trade, low-acid coffee or tea. Access dozens of natural and organic snacks and beverages from a SmartBox Vending Machine. Try a fresh, locally-prepared meal from one of our signature MiniMarts for lunch. Our mission is to make the finest food choices available anytime, anywhere.

Fresh Local Choices
Fair Trade, Low-Acid Coffees
Organic Snacks and Beverages

Smart Technology

We use unmatched technology and software to bring you the most quick, convenient access to healthy snacks and beverages possible. Your deliveries will be precise and automatic. Customers can pay using their smartphone at a machine or MiniMart. You can even advertise your brand from our touchscreen devices! These innovations make our services unique and and more advanced than any other options available.

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Latest Cashless and
Mobile Payment options
Advertise your brand using
our touchscreens

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Quality Service Solutions

We have carefully curated our service options to provide a quality, healthy, and fun experience for our customers. Take a look below to find out more about the services we offer.

SmartBox Vending
SmartBox Vending
  • Guaranteed Service Delivery
  • All-in-one snack and beverage machine
  • Smart product sensor technology
  • Accepts cashless and mobile payments.   Apple Pay-ready
  • Fresh, locally-prepared whole foods
  • Exclusive cashless and mobile payment options
  • Intuitive and Secure self-checkout kiosk
  • Custom options, co-branding available
  • Onsite catering for meetings and events
  • Assorted snack delivery
  • Subscribe to recurring deliveries
  • Send as a gift for any occasion
  • Simple to order,  easy to manage
  • Assorted Fresh Fruit Delivery
  • Dozens of fruit choices
  • Subscribe to recurring deliveries
  • Contact Us to find a local distributor near you
Coffee Services
Coffee Services
  • Choice between single-serve or fresh ground coffee
  • Eco-friendly, low-acid coffee
  • Tea and hot chocolate available
  • Allied products available >>> cups, stirrers, lids, cream, sugar
  • SmartBox-provided machines


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