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Corporate Gifting: A Powerful Tool to Build Brand Awareness and Rapport

Corporate Gifting: A Powerful Tool to Build Brand Awareness

Q4 has arrived, the holidays are approaching and businesses everywhere are presented with a golden opportunity: corporate gifting. Companies and marketers have long trusted the power of corporate gifting to foster a connection with prospective clients, loyal customers and valued employees. Corporate gifting provides a way for companies to express gratitude and demonstrate the value associated with joining their brands’ community with a unique, personal touch.

In the digital age of Zoom calls and WFH offices, it is more important than ever to show appreciation to the employees and clients who keep businesses going strong. Experts tout the effectiveness of corporate gifting in overall marketing and employee retention efforts through boosted ROI and reduced burnout. It’s simple, really: Everybody loves a good gift.

3 Ways to Make Corporate Gifting Count

Corporate Gifting for Prospective Clients

A thoughtful, well-timed gift is one of the most effective ways to attract new clients. In today’s climate, research shows generic advertising not only fails to convert potential customers, but even annoys them! In fact, 63% of consumers are highly annoyed when companies send repetitive, impersonal messages. Conversely, according to an Epsilon survey of consumers aged 18-64, 90% of consumers find personalization appealing and 80% say they are more likely to do business with a company after receiving a personalized message.

The positive psychological effect of receiving a corporate gift can be a powerful motivator in converting weary prospects into enthusiastic customers.

Corporate Gifting for Loyal Customers

Corporate Gifting Ideas

During the hectic, consumer-driven holiday season, it is so important to consider the value your loyal customers have added to your business. Experts say that only 5% of a company’s customers bring in nearly 1/3 of total business revenue. Now is the time to reward those patrons and foster a mutually valuable relationship.

Sending clients a thoughtful corporate gift can deepen brand loyalty, keep the business front-of-mind and encourage continued patronage. In some cases, receiving a gift can even transform neutral consumers into brand evangelists! According to a 2018 study, consumers with an emotional connection to brand are 71% more likely to recommend it to a colleague. There is no stronger marketing tool than word-of-mouth. Looking within and investing in existing clients’ happiness can turn into new leads once they are singing your praises.

Corporate Gifting for Valued Team Members

The heart and soul of a brand truly lies with the individuals who bring it to life. The initial and continued customer service interaction plays a crucial role in positive consumer impressions. Since team members are a walking, talking extension of a company, investing in their well-being is an essential part of success.

Studies show employees who feel valued by their employers are 93% more likely to feel motivated to do their best work. Rather than implementing an incentive-driven rewards program that can ignite problematic office competition, show team members they are valued through thoughtful, high-quality gifts that encourage camaraderie. Unlike incentives, gifts can foster a sense of belonging and connection within a team. These positive associations can boost the quality of interactions employees have with both their colleagues and clients.  

Make Corporate Gifting Easy This Season

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