A Snack Deep Dive with Hana Tonic

Hana Tonic Snack Deep Dive

Are you tired of constantly feeling nauseous? If so then it’s time for us to introduce to Hana Tonic!

SmartBox founder, Brandon Stallings, sat down and chatted with Renee Louis-Charles, the founder of Hana Tonic. They discussed the multiple health benefits that this nausea shot offers, such as easing queasiness, replacing electrolytes, boosting immunity, aiding indigestion, and much more. This powerful 2-ounce bottle is great to keep in your purse, car, or luggage when you’re heading out the door to catch a plane.

Hana Tonic’s ingredients consist of ginger, lemon, B Vitamins, pineapple, cayenne, and of course Hawaiian sea salt. These natural ingredients combine to create the perfect remedy for those that struggle with motion sickness of any kind. Not only is it effective but it’s delicious too! 

Watch the full Snack Deep Dive with Hana Tonic below and use code TONIC20 for 20% off your Hana Tonic purchase on our website!

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