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A Snack Deep Dive with Ultima Replenisher

A Snack Deep Dive with Ultima Replenisher

A Snack Deep Dive with Ultima

We spoke with Loretta Reilly, Vice President of Marketing for Ultima Replenisher to learn more about the benefits of their product. Ultima is a hydration-focused supplement that allows you to “live your ultimate life, every day.” Packed full of electrolytes, Ultima isn’t just for athletes, but a great addition to anyone’s daily routine.

Check out our Q&A with Loretta below to learn more about this great product! 

1. What inspired you to create Ultima? 

Our formulation was first sparked by the desire to find a clean, natural, and effective hydration solution to replace sugary sports drinks. 25 years ago, our founder, who was a competitive runner and nutritionist, started making his own electrolyte drinks because all he could find were products with loads of sugar, artificial ingredients and too much salt. And so, Ultima Replenisher was born. 

2. What inspired the name Ultima?

We were on a mission to create the “Ultimate” hydration product. So the name was inspired by that.

3. What’s in Ultima? 

Ultima has a broad spectrum of all 6 electrolytes, plant-based colors and flavors, no sugar/carbs/calories plus vitamin C, manganese and zinc for immune support.

The 6 macro electrolytes are Sodium, Chloride, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium and Phosphorus.

Most of us already consume 3 times the amount of salt we need each day in our diets, even if we are eating really healthy, because it is added to everything. So, our formula has less salt than other electrolyte brands for that reason. We have higher levels of magnesium because the average person is deficient in magnesium and our diets fall short of this very essential mineral. 

We tailored our formula to work with what our bodies need to function properly and left out what we don’t need – like artificial colors and flavors and sugar. We use water extracted organic stevia leaf as the natural sweetener.

We’re also NonGMO Project Verified, Vegan, Keto-friendly, Paleo-friendly, Diabetic-friendly and safe for ages 4 to 104. It’s our mission to support everyone on their own personal journey towards staying active and making healthy choices.

4. What are the health benefits of Ultima?

Every day we lose fluid and vital minerals that our body needs to function properly. There are lots of ways we lose fluids – from sweating during exercise, or if it’s hot out. When we breathe out we exhale fluids so even on a cold day you are still sweating and losing fluids that evaporate quickly. Daily activity is dehydrating. We need electrolytes and fluid to perform every function in our body. Adding Ultima Replenisher electrolyte powder mix to your water helps you drink more water (because it tastes so good) and adds back the vital minerals your body has lost through daily activity. 

5. What do electrolytes do for your body?

Electrolytes are minerals that carry an electrical charge. They have an impact on how your muscles function and regulate how much water you have in your body. It’s how your brain communicates with all the muscles in your body including your heart. Without them we simply couldn’t move.  In addition to their individual roles, electrolytes often work in harmony with vitamins and other minerals in the body to keep you feeling good and performing at your best.

6. How does your product benefit other people besides athletes?

It’s estimated that anywhere between 70%-80% of people in the US are chronically dehydrated so we can all benefit from changing up or our hydration game and drinking more water. A lot of people get bored of drinking plain water and so adding Ultima can help them reach those fluid intake goals and benefit from the broad spectrum of electrolytes that help regulate that fluid in their body. If you just hydrate with a lot of water alone you can actually dilute the electrolyte minerals in your blood which can lead to dizziness, fainting and brain fog.

7. What makes your product stand out?

Ultima has all 6 electrolytes plus vitamin c and zinc for immune support, plant-based colors and flavors and no sugar or junk. And our taste is amazing. We really focus on making our products taste delicious by using real fruit flavors so that really helps to make it easy to drink half your body weight in fluid each day and enjoy doing it.

We don’t add junk or high fructose corn syrup and sugar. And we keep it clean by using organic stevia leaf to sweeten.

8. Why is your product good for dietary restrictions?

Because we don’t add sugar or artificial ingredients, we fit into a lot of nutrition plans. Keto, low carb, diabetic, paleo, vegan, clean eating

9. What industry does your product most align with?

Ultima aligns with a lot of different uses. We’re great for athletes, health and wellness, seniors, (because we’re more prone to dehydration as we age), weight management, keto/low carb, health conditions that require staying on top of hydration, and so much more.

10. What is the best way to consume Ultima, and how often?

The best way to consume Ultima is to start hydrating early in the morning. Don’t wait until half the day is over to try and catch up with your fluid intake. Remember that you’ve been sleeping for an average of 8 hours so your body is really feeling the effects of dehydration first thing in the morning. Start with 16 oz of water with a scoop of Ultima to replace the fluid and electrolyte losses. This helps you start your day off on the right foot. Continue to hydrate throughout the day. A good rule of thumb is to try and consume half your body weight in ounces. So if you are 150 lbs then you’d want to drink 75 oz a day. If you are working out your body will need even more hydration. We suggest consuming another 16oz of Ultima in the afternoon so that you are hydrated for whatever workout you are planning for after work or school.

11. Are there any other products on your road map?

We have some really exciting new fun flavors launching in early July so stay tuned. We also have some cool new products we’re working on for an end-of-year launch.

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