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How to Build the Perfect Snackcuterie Board

How to Build the Perfect Snackcuterie Board

Impress Your Guests with a Tasty Snackcuterie

Ready to wow everyone at your next party? Here’s the bonus: it’ll be as easy as popping open a bag of chips

Charcuterie boards have exploded in popularity recently. Scroll through Instagram or simply go to your sister’s house and it’s clear the charcuterie trend is here to stay. People are taking advantage of the ease of providing an assortment of treats on a decorative platter or cutting board. While most people associate charcuterie with cheeses and meats, the cutting edge of this trend is starting to include more than just traditional charcuterie. 

With the upcoming holiday festivities, you might be struggling with what to bring to all your parties. Charcuterie boards are a tasty alternative to fussy passed appetizers. Grab your board and build an easy "snackcuterie" board for your next gathering.

What is a Snackcuterie Board?

A traditional charcuterie board usually consists of a variety of cured meats, cheeses, crackers, fruit, and nuts. That was until themed boards started taking off and we cannot get enough of how amazing they look. 

So, we thought it was about time to put our own SmartBox spin on the hottest trend this side of the kids table and create a Snackcuterie board of our own. These boards feature a variety of our favorite delicious and nutritious snacks. A snackcuterie board is a fun way to get the whole family socializing and is a super simple option for guests to graze on at a party.

How to make a Snackcuterie Board

The great thing about snackcuterie boards is that they are completely customizable and can include anything you want! This is how we made ours and will give you an idea of how to set yours up when you are making it.

Steps to create your board: 

  • Choose your board or platter. (Round, square, rectangle, etc.)
  • Decide if you want to feature sweet or savory snacks (or a bit of both!)
  • Create focal points with small bowls and containers. Fill these with smaller snacks and place them on the board first in a fairly symmetrical pattern. 
  • Create groups of snack items all over the board, and use smaller items to fill any gaps.
  • Don’t worry about things looking a little messy because that’s the fun part. There are no set rules, and the best part is you get to share and enjoy!

Snackcuterie Board Ingredients

Now that you know how to put your snackcuterie together let's talk about some great snacks you can feature on your board. As we mentioned you can focus on one snack flavor profile, or mix it up across the board. 

Sweet Treats 

Including sweets like chocolates or gummy candy on your board is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth-snacking friends. Little Secrets Dark Chocolate Cookie Bar With Salted Caramel is a healthier alternative to a traditional candy bar and provides a sweet and salty flavor. 

Highlighting our Thinsters Cookies on your board is a great way to mimic crackers on a traditional charcuterie board. These delicious cookies are nice and thin but still pack a delicious punch. Available in a variety of flavors the options are endless. 

Savory and Cravory 

Chips are another snack that you can feature that mimics the traditional cracker. Popcorners are not only tasty but come in sweet and savory options allowing you to feature both profiles across the board. 

Including dried vegetables, such as Love Corn, is another small snack that is great for filling in small spaces. You can sprinkle it throughout the gaps on the board, or put them in a small dish to make them easier to spoon out. Another fun dried vegetable option to include is Popadelics Crunchy Mushroom Chips. These funky snacks allow guests to step outside of their comfort snacking zone, and discover new funkadelic flavors. 

Adding Traditional Charcuterie Staples to your Snackcuterie

While this may be a snackcuterie board, you can still pay homage to the traditional charcuterie board that many are familiar with. As we mentioned, there are no rules when creating a snack board, so the options of what you can include are endless. 

Especially if you’re loading up with crackers or pretzels, cheesy snacks are a great way to offset the salt. You can accomplish this with our Whisps Cheese Crisps, or our new Made Good Cheddar Star Puffed Crackers

The next step: it is a no-brainer that meat and cheese make a great pair. Including jerky in your snackcuterie is a great way to provide protein, as well as replicate the traditional meats found in a charcuterie. Think Jerky comes in a variety of flavors allowing you to feature one or more flavors! 

Often seen on traditional boards, nuts and trail mixes are a great way to add a sweet and salty option. They are also great to create a barrier between flavor profiles. We like using Sahale Nut Mixes to spread across the board in a river-like pattern to create a divide.