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How to Make the Back to School Transition as Easy as Possible

How to Make the Back to School Transition as Easy as Possible

Combat the Back to School Blues with Back to School Snacks

Being thrown back into school after a summer of fun and freedom can be a tough transition for some children, and parents. Going from days spent by the pool to days spent in a classroom can be a tough pill to swallow, especially when you aren’t prepared. Year after year, the dreaded back to school commercials start and spirits seem to dull, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Help alleviate the back to school blues with these tips for a smooth transition.

Make Sure to Send Snacks Along

School Snacks

Let’s face it…school lunches are usually less than desirable. Children need energy and nourishment to get through the day and if they don’t like what they’re served at lunch, they may not get enough. This is why we believe in sending snacks along on the adventure back to school. Now, not all snacks are created equal. The goal of these snacks is to give a boost during the school day.

When choosing snacks to send to school with your child, you want to make sure they’re healthy, safe, and tasty. Easier said than done, right? Not anymore. These Crispy Square Bars come in three tasty flavors, include 6 baked in vegetables, and are safe to have in schools due to being free from nuts. 

Try Some Back to School Crafts

Back to school crafts

Sometimes our brains might just need some help getting out of summer mode and into school mode. Help your brain out by partaking in some creative back-to-school crafts. With an endless amount of possibilities, crafts can be a great way to get in the back-to-school mood. Whether you try out a coloring page or make something more extravagant, you can never go wrong with some fun crafts. 

You could even do a craft that will not only motivate your child but will help lift other children’s spirits as well. These motivational pencil toppers are a perfect way to provide a mood boost throughout the day to both your child and the children they hand them out to. To make them, simply write some motivational sayings on some sticker paper, then, it’s time to decorate! Once they’re perfect, peel 'em off, stick em’ onto a pencil, and voila! You have yourselves some great motivation to get through the school days ahead. 

Have Their Favorite Snacks Waiting for Them at Home

SmartBox Snacks

Nothing is worse than trying to get through a long day with no motivation. With nothing to look forward to once the school day is done, the day tends to drag on, but this doesn’t have to be the case. When children know their favorite snacks are waiting to be devoured at home, it can give them the kick of motivation they need to get through the day. As their day goes on, the anticipation of getting closer to munching on their favorite crispy chips will leave them feeling energized and excited for the rest of their day. 

Bonus points are earned if the snacks waiting at home at the end of the day are healthy! Don’t fall for the myth that in order for a snack to be healthy, you have to give up the tastes you love. Get the same flavors and crunch you love from chips from these Crunchy Roasted Fava Beans. With flavors like salt and vinegar along with loads of protein and fiber, this chip alternative has the potential to be a new family favorite. 

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