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Snacks for a Cause

Brands that Give Back: The Snacks for a Cause SmartBox

Get to Know the Snacks Inside the Snacks for a Cause SmartBox

Everyone loves snacks and everyone loves giving back. That's why we combined the two into our latest SmartBox option, Snacks for a Cause!

Our Snacks for a Cause box is an accumulation of carefully selected brands that not only produce excellent products, but support charities and well, causes (!). From the fight to end human trafficking, to supporting minority owned businesses and second chance employment opportunities, these brands really know how to give back.

Without further ado, we proudly present our list of Snacks for a Cause!

Greyston Bakery

It's easy to see that Greyston Bakery is widely known for their brownies, made with fresh ingredients and no preservatives. But what you don't see is that those who create the goodies might be part of their open hiring business model! This means that there are no background checks, resumes, or interviews etc. Greyston Bakery works hard to invest in the people of their community, by offering an equal employment opportunity for those in the area.

Sahale Snacks

Other than producing the best snack-mixes to ever exist, Sahale Snacks works hard to support two valuable causes that benefit communities near and far. The first is the Peace Tree Black Pepper Farming Project. Since 2015, this project helps train local farmers in Vietnam to create sustainable pepper farms, allowing them to support their families. The second is a partnership with The Bonneville Environmental Foundation. The partnership helps Sahale Snacks minimize their environmental footprint by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates, or RECs. The RECs pay for the delivery of clean energy to the power grid, which reduces carbon emissions from fossil–fuel based electricity.

Righteous Felon Jerky Cartel

Being released from a governmental facility like jail or prison is a hard transition. Not only do people have to reacquaint themselves with the life they left behind, but they also have to find work, which can be a challenge. Righteous Felon wanted to be able to help those looking for honest, stable work to kickstart their new life. Enter their Second Chance Employment Act business model, which gives everyone an opportunity to create the life they want.

Herbal Zap

Herbal Zap aims to help you feel good through what you consume and they do this by focusing on ethically sourced ingredients from local farmers for their supplements. Not only does this help maintain the integrity of their products, but most of their sourced herbs are grown in partnership with their suppliers agricultural extension program. The program provides rural farmers with seedlings, agricultural support, and education so that they can produce a secondary income while waiting for coconut cash crops to grow.


We all care about our planet, but making sure that it's around for years to come is a top priority of YumEarth. YumEarth, the healthy candy company, focuses on allergy free sweets and uses 100% recycled energy sources to create them! Not only can you feel great about taking a bite into these candies, but you can feel relieved that you’ve lowered your carbon footprint. 

Stacy’s Pita Chips

Stacy's Pita Chips is owned and operated by strong, independent women, and to continue this momentum, they created "Stacy's Rise Project." The project helps to bridge the funding gap for female founders by connecting and empowering women business owners to share in their resources! It's truly inspiring.

Deep Sea Chips

Some businesses want to spread generosity wherever they can and Deep River Snacks is no exception. This brand created a “Give a Chip” concept that donates 10% of their profits to multiple charities such as Feed the Children and Curable. What more could you want from a salty treat?!

gimMe Snacks

gimMe Snacks, the brand that creates the infamous seaweed chips, has been focusing on keeping our oceans and climates clean for years. Naturally grown and sustainably sourced from farmers in South Korea, the seaweed chips are the real deal. The brand also partners with OSC, Climate Collaborative and Sea Turtle Conservancy, to make sure their impact is going beyond the products that they provide to you. 

Zing Bars

Created by two registered dietitians, Zing Bars offers snacks with quality ingredients and the taste to match. What could be better? They also offer a commitment to social justice in our country. The Zing Bar brand created a diversity and inclusion council within their business, where they donate a percentage of their sales to black and minority communities every year. Now, that's better!

When you choose the Snacks for a Cause box, you're not only putting your health and wellness in the forefront, but you're helping others do the same. To help give back through one of these incredible brands, consider giving our box a go! We promise, you won't regret it.

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