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Stocking Stuffers with SmartBox

Stocking Stuffers with SmartBox

Healthy Treats for the Holidays

Ah, December. For families that celebrate Christmas, it’s time to dust off boxes filled with decorations, trim the perfect tree with shimmering lights, and hang stockings on the mantle in hopes of presents (and hopefully not coal) from the Big Man, himself. The first thought for kiddos might be to fill their stocking with a shiny new video game or some snazzy AirPods, but historically, stockings were filled with edible treats. Modern day stockings come in many shapes and sizes, making them the ideal place to keep the tradition alive and store some festive snacks.

Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers 101

The history of filling stockings with presents goes back over 2,000 years and starts with the real life St. Nicholas a.k.a. Father Christmas a.k.a. Santa Claus. Legend has it that St. Nicholas heard of a poor farmer with three daughters. The farmer could not afford the dowry in order to find each of his daughter’s a husband. So, St. Nicholas tossed three gold balls down their chimney, which—whoop—landed in each their socks drying by the fire! The Christmas stocking was born. 

This yuletide tradition became more popular in the United States after Clement C. Moore published his famous poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas” (‘Twas the Night Before Christmas) in 1823. During the Great Depression, oranges became a staple in your stocking. Citrus fruits were a rare treat, unless you lived in Florida or California, and exemplified the giving spirit of the season.

Sweet Stuffers

Smash Crispy

If you’re looking for something sugary to sneak in your stocking (without worrying about rotting your teeth), try the delicious goodies from SmashMallow. These are no ordinary marshmallows—each puff is made from naturally sourced and non-GMO ingredients. Two of our seasonal favorites are the gluten-free Pumpkin Pie and the peanut-free SmashCrispy Dipped Candy Cane.

Kids and adults will be grinning ear to ear when they find Betty Lou’s Apple Cinnamon Fruit Bar in their stocking. These all-natural vegan snacks taste just like Grandma’s homemade cobbler and come in convenient, individually wrapped packages.

Another seasonal flavor we can never get enough of is caramel. It’s the perfect compliment for your cup of coffee or topping for a cookie, but unfortunately, it packs a punch in the calorie department. That’s why we reach for a Salted Caramel Kind Bar for that seasonal taste, without any of the winter weight gain.

Salty Stuffers

Pop Corners

Who doesn’t love to pile up under a nice, warm blanket and work their way through a handful of Hallmark holiday movies? Oh, and no movie marathon is complete without popcorn! Popcorners are a convenient, mess-free and (most importantly) delicious way to enjoy the classic treat without any hassle.

The holiday season is filled with plenty of cute animals—why not add a few more into the mix? Annie’s Homegrown Organic Cheddar Bunnies are baked with real cheese and always result in real smiles. If you open your stocking first thing in the morning, these little guys are sure to put a hop in your step for the rest of the day.

Instead of reaching for some potato chips as your midday snack before a turkey dinner, try Garden Veggie Straws. They may have 30% less fat than potato chips, but they certainly aren’t any less tasty. Keeping a bag of these on hand during the holiday season will help curb the craving for high sodium alternatives.

Healthy Snacks for your Family

Holiday Celebration Box

You can find all of these snacking stuffers and many more to fit in your stocking from our online store. If you’re looking to feed the whole family this season, try our Holiday Celebration Box, filled with our favorite festive treats and available for a limited time only!