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The Best Theme Park Snacks

The Best Theme Park Snacks

Snack Smarter and Save

There’s magic in the air whenever you take that first step through the turnstiles. Everyone loves a visit to a theme park, whether you’re going for thrilling roller coasters, vibrant parades or unimaginable ambiance. Park days are some of the best times that we look forward to all year long. In order to make the most out of every trip, you need to make sure you and your family stay fueled. Stomachs will rumble at the scent of fried turkey legs and freshly made ice cream cones, but loop-the-loops and too-much-sugar don’t mix well. That’s why planning ahead and packing healthy snacks can make any ordinary day extraordinary.

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Now, on to the snacks!

Popcorn is Mr. Popular

Popcorn is a classic snack from movie theaters to ball games to theme parks. Salty and crunchy, it can be so pop-ular that people will stand in line for 7 hours to get some! That’s why our first tip is to bring your own.

We love Skinny Pop because it’s friendly on the budget and with only 39 calories per cup it’s a great way to tide little ones over between meals without relying on sugary treats. Skinny Pop is a crowd-pleaser enjoyable for people with a variety of dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free, vegetarian, and nut-free.

If you need a little more variety, try Popcorners. These hybrid popcorn chips are perfect for passing around while standing in line. Flavors come in Sea Salt, Sweet & Salt Kettle Corn and White Cheddar, so if you’re looking for something sweet or salty (or sweet AND salty), Popcorners is here for you.

Make Sure to Stay Hydrated

Practically anytime you visit a theme park, it’s going to be hot. And even if you’ve lucked out with a cooler day there will still be crowds—and they generate heat! It’s recommended on a regular day the average human should consume 3 liters of water. If you’re going to be sweating and screaming a lot (hello, epic roller coaster!) you’re going to need more than usual. That’s why we recommend bringing along a few packs of Ultima Electrolyte Powder.

This powder helps keep you hydrated on even the hottest days. Just pour the powder into a water bottle and shake, shake, shake. Bringing a refillable water bottle and Ultima Electrolyte Powder is an easy way to save money instead of buying multiple expensive bottles of sports drink throughout the day.

Keep Fruit Fresh

It’s happened to all of us—when we pack up our bag in the morning we throw in a banana or an apple and pat ourselves on the back for being so healthy. Then, when snack time rolls around you go to eat your piece of fruit, it’s banged up, bruised and the juices are leaking everywhere.

It’s not your fault, bananas weren’t meant to bounce around at high speeds and suffer thirteen story drops. That’s why dried fruit is an elite level snack to bring on theme park trips. Pure Organic Layered Fruit Bars are made from real fruit purees and vegetable juices, so you’re getting all the same goodness in a more convenient package. If you’re looking for another vegan fruit treat, Betty Lou’s Apple Cinnamon Fruit Bar can really hit the spot as a quick dessert.

Bonus Snack

Psst… we have one more snack suggestion. Now, we admit this is not the healthiest treat in the world, but hey, we’re on vacation! And what vacation is complete without a churro? For a dessert that can fit in your pocket you’ve got to try the SmashCrispy Dipped Cinnamon Churro. When you’re snacking on this before the fireworks people are going to keep asking you what cart you got it from and you can say, “I brought it from home.” Best of all, it’s gluten-free!

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