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The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Gifting

The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Gifting

Simple and Easy Gifts that Show Your Gratitude

Guest Contribution By: Srikanth Acharya, CEO of OffiNeeds

Want to tell your friends you are grateful to have them? Give them a gift.

Want to build long-term business connections with customers, employees, and clients? Give them a gift!

As a matter of fact, corporate gifting is a proven strategy to promote business activity. Did you know that the corporate gifting market is estimated to hit $306 billion by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 8.1%? 

Companies worldwide invest in gifting practices to retain their best talents, reinforce relationships with customers and clients, and increase the return on investment.

In this ultimate guide, we'll get into the basics of corporate gifting and give you awesome ideas to remind your business connections that you value them. Ready? Let's get started!

What is Corporate Gifting?

As companies, it is your responsibility to honor your role towards your employees. This includes making sure they feel welcome and valued, thanking them for their valuable efforts, and congratulating them on their successes. 


All of this is best achieved through corporate gifting — a practice where companies send their business connections gifts on special occasions. Corporate gifting giftees are usually your customers, employees, vendors, clients, or shareholders. 

Here's listing some popular reasons that warrant corporate gifts: 

  1. To honor holidays like Diwali, Christmas, etc,
  2. To extend best wishes on birthdays,
  3. To celebrate personal and professional achievements,
  4. To celebrate your long-term partnerships with clients,
  5. To commemorate company-employee anniversaries,
  6. To welcome new employees and clients;

Many companies even extend their gifts to the families of their connections. 

Why Does Corporate Gifting Matter?

Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting plays a huge role in your customer/employee acquisition and retention. 

You ensure that your employees feel valued and appreciated and are motivated to give their best through this unspoken gesture.

As for your clients, that's how you make them feel like VIPs and not just another name on a spreadsheet. Excellent customer service and high-quality services aren't enough; you need to show them that you are committed to delivering the best experience. 

What's more, corporate gifting is the smartest approach to get your customers to respond to you. It makes the prospecting process smooth and ensures customers become loyal brand ambassadors! 

Awesome Corporate Gifting Ideas

Not too big, not too grand — corporate gifts are all about the intention and emotion they carry. Just as well, here are some cool ideas to make a splash with your corporate gifts:

Exciting Gift Hampers 

Possibly the most expensive of all, gift hampers are best-suited for large occasions. For example, to celebrate a long-term relationship with a VIP client or a valued employee. All you have to do is put together a basket full of your giftee's favorite items and have them delivered to them on a special day. If you opt for a corporate gifting platform, you can even get your recipients to choose their favourites items from a catalog for a win-win gifting experience. 

Customized gifts are an effective means to ensure a top-notch customer experience. 

Wellness Gift Box

Wellness Snack Box

Shows your employees you care by sending them wellness boxes that comprise tea packs, a COVID-care kit, healthy snacks, candles, metal water bottles — everyday items that help your employees remain razor-sharp and focused. Considering the work-from-home nature of employment that companies have adopted today, a wellness gift box can be an exceptionally smart gift approach.

This is also a great gift to acknowledge a valued client's business milestone.

New-Joinee Gifts/Welcome Gifts

One of the ways to create a lasting impression on your new employees is to shower them with welcome gifts to make them feel comfortable in a new environment. The options in this scenario are endless. Depending on their budget, companies can take their pick from a cool wireless headset to an all-inclusive new-joinee kit.

Some interesting items to send as standalone gifts or include in a new-joinee kit are:

  1. Anti-theft laptop backpack
  2. Notebook
  3. Metal water bottle
  4. Retractor Clip for ID Card Holder
  5. Pendrive
  6. Pen set
  7. Sweatshirt
  8. Gourmet popcorn set
  9. Battery charger
  10. Wireless headset 
  11. Mug
  12. Premium chocolate boxes

You can have your company logo added to these items to promote brand ambassadorship. 

Indian Gifts for Foreign Delegates

These usually include gourmet foods or baked items, simple sweet-smelling candles, monument-engraved magnets, basically anything that distinctly reflects Indian culture. This way, you would not just be displaying your value and appreciation but also giving your clients an insight into the customary gift-giving etiquettes of India. To further personalize your gifts, you can have your corporate logo engraved in them. 

Gift Cards

Among the most popular gifting choices are gift cards, where you relieve yourself of the dilemma of choosing the perfect gift for your recipients. You give them gift cards instead so they can shop their needful items from their favourite shopping sites, be it Myntra, Flipkart, or Nykaa. 

Gift cards are the surest way of ensuring your giftees are satisfied with their gifts. You can send a client a gift card on their anniversary or personal achievement or on your employee's birthdays.

Premium Snack Boxes

Premium Snack Boxes

Invest in the health and wellness of your hard-working employees by introducing them to intelligent snacking. Pay attention to their dietary needs for increased productivity in the workplace and long-lasting partnerships with your clients.

There are endless options in this scenario! 

Take SmartBox for instance, where companies can choose from an assorted range of sugar and preservatives-free, all-natural ingredients snacks so your employees can feast on delicious, high-quality snacks while remaining healthy and active. 

SmartBox is the #1 customer-driven gifting platform that offers customized gifting solutions with its nutritious options of delicious and wholesome products. From fitness and keto boxes to celebration and family boxes, their product line is the ultimate, on-the-go gifting corporate choice for companies.

Not to mention, SmartBox is committed to providing an intuitive user experience and guarantees your recipients will receive their gifts promptly!


Streamline Your Business with Corporate Gifting

Regardless of who your recipient is and the special occasion, gifts are always the perfect way of displaying thoughtfulness. What's important is that you ensure they are delivered to the rightful giftees on time. 

To facilitate this, there are corporate gifting platforms that offer a wide range of products to send to your customers on their special days. Make sure you choose your corporate gifts smartly! 

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Author Bio

Srikanth Acharya is the CEO of OffiNeeds, a corporate gifting company with over 16 years of experience, helping corporates and startups to buy corporate gifts in bulk. Started as an April Fool’s prank in 2005 as Gift Wrapped, OffiNeeds now has 6 experience centers and serves 2000+ large corporates.