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4 Sneaky Ways to Add Fruits and Veggies to Your Diet

4 Sneaky Ways to Add Fruits and Veggies to Your Diet

A Meat Lover's Guide to Fruits and Veggies

There’s no denying it, we need fruits and vegetables in our diet. Straight from mother nature, a produce plentiful diet can lower blood sugar, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, lower risk of digestive problems, have a positive effect on blood sugar and keep appetite in check. Plus, produce is low in calories, high in fiber and packed with beneficial nutrients. So, what’s a veggie-hater to do?

If salads aren’t totally your thing, we feel you. That’s why we’ve gathered 4 sneaky ways to introduce fruits and vegetables into a meat lover's diet. Find which method works for you and give it a try!

Add Veggies to Smoothies

Add Fruits and Veggies to a Smoothie

If you're all about a protein-packed life, odds are you've already worked protein shakes into your daily routine! 

Give your protein shake a sneaky upgrade by packing raw spinach into the blender. Surprisingly, the flavor of this nutrient-dense green is barely detectable when combined into a smoothie! 

When building shakes and smoothies, try to add two parts leafy greens to every one part of fruit. This formula keeps the smoothie balanced, nutrient-rich and lower in sugar, while still tasting like a treat! As a bonus, use vanilla Greek yogurt for an extra punch of protein and sweetness. (Pro Tip: Use frozen bananas in your smoothie to create a rich, creamy texture!)

Disguise Fruits and Veggies

Disguise Your Produce

If the very idea of veggies turns you off, skip the salad and instead trick your brain by disguising veggies as your favorite food! We’re talking sneaky substitutes like zucchini noodles, mashed cauliflower and cauliflower rice. Trust us, don’t knock ‘em til you try ‘em. Add your favorite sauces and spices to these alternatives and you’ll be surprised how fun they are to eat!

Snack on Fruit On the Go

Raw, baked, dried, juiced… Fruit can come in all shapes and forms! One of the easiest ways to sneak in a few extra servings a day is with tasty snack food made with real, wholesome ingredients. That's right, there is a new variety of creative and innovative snacks available that use real fruit as the main ingredient!

Some of our favorites are Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars, Brother’s All-Natural Apple Crisps, Betty Lou’s Fruit Bars and GoGo Squeez Apple Apple. Make healthy snacking a no-brainer with SmartBox Express snack delivery! With the  option of one-time purchase or subscription services, SmartBox will deliver tasty, fruit-filled snacks right to your doorstep. Helloooo, nutritious snacking!

Pizza with Veggies

Add Fruits & Veggies to Your Favorite Foods

Think beyond avocado toast, your other favorite dishes would love to be topped with greens too! Add chopped up vegetables into omelets, pasta dishes, pizza toppings and even baked goods. When mixed with your favorite flavors, you will barely notice the added greens. As a total bonus, vegetables are high in fiber and can make your meals feel more filling, meaning you’ll spare calories and gain nutrients!

Here are a few combos we recommend…

  • Spaghetti and Meatballs: Add peppers, onions, squash and mushrooms into the pasta sauce for a hearty, savory treat.
  • Mac and Cheese: Broccoli and cheese are a match made in heaven! Try chopping up some broccoli to freshen up this iconic comfort food.
  • Pizza: What can't you add to pizza? Pineapple, spinach, peppers, olives… the possibilities are endless! You do you, boo.
  • Muffins: That’s right, we said it! Try added grated zucchini or carrots into your favorite spiced muffin recipe for an extra dose of fiber in your morning treat.



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