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How to Get Started with Fitness

How to Get Started with Fitness

Anyone Can Improve Their Physical Fitness

You set the goal. You’ve got the gym membership. You’ve got the stylin’ new outfit with matching kicks. You’ve written out the perfect diet plan. All of the sudden, it’s the end of January. You haven’t been to the gym once and your brand new running shoes haven’t left the closet. You don’t feel any closer to your goals. What happened?

Well, as you definitely know, you are not alone. We all make big plans and sometimes sticking to those plans is even harder than the actual work, itself. That’s why we’re here with a few tips on how to make a fitness plan, and not only stick with it, but maximize your efforts through exercise and diet.

First Steps to Fitness

The first thing that you must always do ahead of a good workout is clear your mind. This will always include getting in a good warm up, like stretching. Don’t even think about the rest of your schedule for the day—this is your time. Those kiddos and those emails can wait. One of the biggest reasons people fall off from their fitness plans is because they don’t set aside the time in their packed schedules. But, this isn’t just about your physical health. It’s about your mental health, too. Make sure to dedicate the time, even if it’s less than twenty minutes every day.


It’s important to assess your current fitness level. Be honest. There’s no shame in admitting you can’t lift as much as you could in high school, but there is embarrassment in getting burnt out by trying too much too quickly. One of the most important things that the Mayo Clinic stresses is “start low and progress slowly”. There are many different resources online to help make plans for all skill levels. This Couch to 5K plan from Runner’s World is approachable and manageable for anyone—whether you’re a little out of practice or if you’ve never laced up a pair of sneakers in your life. 

If you absolutely must move fast at the start, consider trying a high-intensity interval-training program. It’ll get your body moving and won’t take too much time out of your day.

Building Good Fitness Habits

Habits are formed by our brain’s natural response to dopamine. That’s why it’s so easy to develop bad habits. Eating a bowl of ice cream feels amazing in the moment and releases a flood of dopamine that makes us go back for the whole pint. Alternatively, exercise and fitness take more effort to be rewarded. 


The good news is humans can form habits by repeating the same action in as little as 18 days. After an average of 66 days, those habits become automatic. This means it’s much better to be consistent than to shoot for the moon. You will see more success from walking one mile every day for three months than sprinting three miles once a week. Slowly but surely, you’ll build those good habits. Before you realize it, your daily cardio will become something your body craves.

Snacking the Right Way

Exercise alone will never be enough for proper fitness. You need to be aware that the food you’re putting in your body is more than a tasty treat. It’s literally the fuel that gives you energy to move throughout the day. Especially when you’re starting a new fitness regimen, it’s important to reassess your caloric intake and possibly beef up the amount of protein you’re consuming. Protein is necessary for muscle growth and repair. That’s why athletes and personal trainers are always going on about how great protein is! Everything from tendons to ligaments to pectorals and biceps relies on proper amounts of protein.

Fitness Box

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Healthy Snacks for your Family

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